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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Bob Again?

The day after I published the last post, I opened up AOL, and immediately saw Bob Dylan's name on the welcome screen. I fully expected to see an article telling of his demise, or his incapacitation...etc. Instead he proved just how old and crazy he is, by ranting to Rolling Stone Magazine about the "atrocious" quality of today's recordings. He claims that no one has made a decent sounding recording in 20 years.

Let me get this straight. Those fuzzy, skipping, scratchy albums that we used to listen to sound better than the high def. CD's of today. I wonder if his wax figure double agrees? Alright, I say move this guy up at least 2 steps on you death pool list!


Sunday, August 20, 2006

Dylan, Floyd and Cordobas, Oh My!

Anyone who lives in the Detroit area, (or who has ever visited the 3rd weekend of August), knows what I am referring to when I say that this was Dream Cruise weekend.

For those who are less auto-savy, I will fill you in. The Woodward Dream Cruise is an event where tens of thousands of classic car afficiandos, drive (or "cruise") up and down Woodward Ave., while about a million and a half people sit on lawn chairs watching, hollaring at, and rating the vehicles on the road. Officially, the Dream Cruise takes place on the third Saturday of August, but people are out on woodward in strong numbers for the entire week before and a couple of days after the cruise.

Certainly we enjoy he whole thing. The boys love to see the cars, and E and I get a kick out of some of the characters driving them (think 50 and 60 year olds trying to dress, act and otherwise re-live how things were when they were teens - uggh!). This event presents a horrible inconvenience to us though. E's office is on Woodward, and he has to leave hours earlier on Cruise Friday to get home in time. I tried to go shopping at the grocery store behind the hospital after work on Thursday evening and got stuck in what felt like a game of RushHour. I never did find a parking spot and had to drive 4 miles away to another Kroger once I untangled myself from that parking lot (where a couple hundered classics were parked.)

On a similar (nostalgic) note, the Savta lady took in a Bob Dylan concert with some frends last night. It's an experience that I don't think she'll repeat, but she made an interesting observation. She said that Dylan didn't address the crowd or anything. Just sung. She said that when the lights came on he was sitting at a piano, with his side to the audience, and that's how he stayed the entire time. His face was waxy looking from the pancake makeup (I mean come on - the guys old and everyone knows it - What's with all the makeup), and she felt that he looked like a wax figure. Let me just say that there were a lot of stoned people at this concert, but my mom wasn't one of them (and yes she would tell me if she did something like that). It's her opinion that perhaps something was amiss. Perhaps there is a conspiracy theory in the making here. Maybe he's dead and this is some gross "Weekend at Bernies," type thing. Or maybe it was a double and Dylan is in a retirement home somewhere. Definately put him on your death pool though.

Keeping with the theme of the weekend, B and I were shopping at the posh local mall today, and we happened into the Sony store. We had been walking around a lot, so we plopped ourselves onto some wierd, ergonomic chairs, and watched a Pink Floyd concert on large, screed, HD, surround sound TV. How cool! we watched only the last couple of songs, and at the end they turned on the stage lights, and sure enough these guys are really old!

B thought the lights were cool, but was totally not into the music. He kept jabbering about Taylor HIcks while I was trying to listen. Soon he will be blogging about my favorite artists, saying "yikes these guys look dead!" Such is the circle of life.

PS: To see more pics of the dream cruise click here.
PPS: I didn't take any of these pictures for obvious reasons!