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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

death pools

Well if my post from Friday wouldn't have mysteriously disappeared, you would know that last week was a whammy for death pools. Terri Shivo, Frank Perdue, Johnny Cochern, that Delorian guy...

You would also know that I was putting my $$ (not literally) on the Pope dying at 6:00pm. Rome time Saturday. He went at 9:30pm, so I was pretty close.

Of course I neglected to factor in the ailing Prince Rainier.

Also throwing me for a loop, was the death of my next door neighbor at 3:00 am today. Let's just say it was a sleepless night for anyone living within a 200 ft. raidus of that house. He was actually Ezra's neighbor when he was a young child, and then again as an adult, so we're a little sad.

On a more somber note, Pesach is coming in a couple of weeks, so if you haven't started cleaning, START!!!

Please daven (pray - for a speedy recovery) for Tova Alta Bat Devora. Thanks.

I'll try to update more often this week. Stay cool.


PS If anyone is in touch with Robin Kravetz, please tell her to call or write or something. Thnaks.