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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Updates Coming Soon (I hope)

I admit - I haven't been doing too many exciting things with this blog lately. And, from the respose I am getting at least, only about 4-5 people are still actually reading it. So I have decided to clean it up and otherwise revamp it in the near future. I would like to change the look, add more pictures, delete old posts, etc... If anyone has any suggestions, please IM, call, or e-mail me (or post on the blog), and let me know what you would like to see.

On the homefront - things are good but busy. I really have to start studying for the GREs. I haven't taken a math course in at least 10 years, so that's the area I will probably focus on the most. I think I have a better than average grasp of the English language and Psychology, so I am not terribly worried about those sections.

The kids are being kids, and doing all sorts of cute things(although mostly M is doing cute things). The other night she woke up at 4:00am (yawn), and was very upset that I wouldn't run around the house getting the items she was requesting. Finally, after about 40 min of crying, I gave in and brought her into my room. I put on a Dora video thinking it would buy us another 45 min of sleep. She watches TV so loudly! When the video was over (about 5:30) I put her back in the crib. She cried some more but then, all of the sudden, got really happy. Yes the thought occured to me that I should go check what she's up to, but I was TOO tired, so I rolled over and went to sleep. When I woke up at about 6:45, I found her asleep in an empty crib, containing nothing but a naked two year old and a wet sheet! Ugggh!

Yesterday Y had a tummy bug, so he spent the day with me. Last night the phone was ringing with 2nd graders calling all night. 2nd graders aren't know for stating their name when they call (or other phone ettiquite for that matter), so it was a rather comical night. A typical conversation with Y went like this.

Y answers the phone (We are not allowed to answer the phone anymore), mumbles a few words, and hangs up.
Us: Y, who just called
Y: I don't know
Us: Did you ask their name?
Y: No
Us: Well, what did they say?
Y: Something about spelling words.
Us: So it was one of your friends from school?
Y: I don't know. He didn't say his name.
Then I checked the caller ID and told him who it was, and then he got excited.

Today everyone is in well and the boys have Karate after school, so I don't have to pick then up until 4:45! I just hope they don't use it on eachother.



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