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Monday, July 03, 2006

Not Much Bang At the Fireworks

Sorry I haven't been posting as frequently as I would like to but, trust me, I'm saving you from having to hear a lot of the nonsense that goes on in my head.

Happy Fourth to everyone!!!

Last Thursday, I took the boys to the Southfield fireworks. It was quite an experience. Let's just say that my gangstas and thugs didn't let me down.

In previous years, we've just driven down the street a couple of miles and watched from our car, but this was billed as some sort of family fun event, so I figured, "why not take the boys and check it out?" I totally expected the crowded parking and long walk, as well as the expensive glow-in-the-dark knickknacks and snacks. I was even prepared to deal with the mosquitoes, and slathered everyone in non-deet bug spray (have you ever smelled like a citronella candle before - uggh!).

We were an hour early, and hoped to find some family fun, instead we found 3 moonbounces filled to capacity with rowdy teens, while a local radio station blared music with the MOST offensive lyrics nearby (and you all know that it is really hard to offend me). So we just staked our claim to a small piece of land and laid out our towels.

I broke down and bought the boys $2 glow necklaces, one of which was promptly stolen by a kid sitting nearby who had no noticeable adult with him (although I suspect the woman sleeping in a chair a few feet away from this group of kids belonged to them.)

It grew darker and the crowd of young people started to thicken, as they wandered around in gaggles, oblivious to the 1000's of people sitting on the ground. We were tripped over or stepped on enough that I finally stood up hoping to serve as a beacon. That really didn't work. All of the time I was thinking - "where are the Southfield police to keep this crowd in better order?" I finally found them, many of them in fact, escorting one of the only other white people I had seen the whole night out, in handcuffs.

As soon as they were out of sight and just in time for the scheduled start of the fireworks, a boy about B's age came running through, shouting, "Fight, Fight, there's a Fight." I never did find the fight, but the police sure tried to, because soon there was a police helicopter flying above our heads searching the crowd with a spotlight. They eventually stopped several hundred feet to our right, so I guess they found who they were looking for (probably the other white guy in the place).

And then we sat and waited, and sat, and waited... You get the picture. Finally 20 min. after the scheduled start of the fireworks, the boys decided it wasn't worth waiting for. We packed up the towels, and headed back to the car (which still smells like a citronella candle). We caught a few fireworks near he car and the boys watched most of the rest from various angles on the ride home.

I am now cured of my desire to watch fireworks this year as well as my desire to move to Southfield.