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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

That Must Have Been One Boring Lecture

This morning they found a dead body in the Life Sciences building at Wayne State. So far all there saying is that it was a 23 year old student. That gives new meaning to being "bored to death" in class.

I, on the other hand, am not bored to death in my summer course. It's a grad. level Applied Statistics course (not in the Life Sciences Building) and, believe it or not, I am very much enjoying it. The teacher is amazing. Who would have thought that there was a statistician out there with a personality and who doesn't think that everyone's life revolves around his course?

I've been pretty miserable with a sinus and ear infection for the last few days. I started on an antibiotic on Monday evening, and I am finally starting to feel some relief.

I haven't been following American Idol for a few seasons, but B got really into it this season and dragged me in with him. I'm thinking Elliot (who is Jewish), is getting kicked off tonight. I am rooting for Taylor for the finale next week.

Today I plan on enjoying the brief reprieve from the rain with M and getting some house work done.