I have no idea why anyone would want to read this ridicullious c*&@ that I write because I am bored, but this blog is about stuff. You know Israel, cooking, family life, politics, entertainment...stuff. Whatever is on my mind! Enjoy!

Sunday, March 12, 2006


In the last 24 hours I...

Cleaned 3 rooms,
did 2 loads of laundry,
ran to 9 stores,
made 88 Mishloach Manot for the PTA to give to the teachers at the school,
printed up 86 scrolls to go with the mishloach Manot, then rolled and tied each scroll,
baked 3 batches of hamantashen,
played with my kids,
returned many, many phone calls,
and baked 2 kugels.


Only 3 more hours of work, and then I can get some sleep before tomorrow when I have to...

take the baby for a check-up (why did I schedule it the day before Purim???)
go back to the school to hand out all of the Mishloach Manot,
cook and clean a ton for the seuda,
get the boys from school,
cook and clean some more,
make my Mishloach Manot,
and go to Megillah reading.


Lucky for me I am off of school this week, I am so sleeping in on Wednesday!!!