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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Some pictures from the siddur party

Here's a couple of pics from Y's Siddur party. One of me MC'ing and one of the cutest kid in 1st grade.


Yay Taylor

The boys and I had a great American Idol party last night (That's binyamin holding his "go Talor" sign.) I bought inflatable microphones and guitars, record decorations and bowls, and cool sunglasses for everyone. We had lots of junk food, and made signs supporting our favorite idol which was Taylor for all of us, except M. Her sign read "I voted for the Wiggles! Go Anthony!" Which is all the more ironic because Taylor Hicks is a Wiggles fan himself!

The chagigah siddur went so well, that I could actually sit through the whole thing this year. Y did a great job, and really nailed his lines. He's a natural actor! My job - the food prep, and display, went off without a hitch, and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.

M had another ear infection this week. Poor baby. I got a call from the babysitter in the middle of class on Tuesday and freaked because I thought she was having a peanut allergy attack. In the end she had a fever, which is a less panicky situation.

Did anyone else see Oprah's show from Auschwitz with Elie Weisel? Wow! I decided after watching it that I must go there. Despite all of my Holocaust studies and my work with the survivors, I feel that I actually have to see it in person to fully grasp it. Of course the tickets from Detriot to Karkow are $2000 this summer, and I would have to find someone to watch the kiddies while I am away. Not looking so likely in the near future.

That's about all that's new here.


Sunday, May 21, 2006

Do I have to stay all the way through Tav???

Today is Y's siddur party. If I recall from last year, the play is LONG!!!!! They have a song and a play for every letter of the Aleph Bet (Hebrew Alphabet). Ugggh. Y has yud, and a part in a play for some other letter.

I volunteered to help, and ended up with the job of buying, cutting and presenting all of the fruits and veggies. We are expecting 150 people, and I am hoping I bought enough (3 watermelons, 6 cantelopes, 3 honeydews, 6 lb. grapes, 10 lb. baby carrots (the kiddies like those the most!), 8 cucumbers, a lot of peppers, and a lot of celery). I have my helpers coming at 11:00 (the party starts at 1:00) so if that isn't enough, I will run out and get more.

I will try to post a pic or two later.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend.