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Friday, August 18, 2006

Retraction of the Post You'll Never Read

Yesterday I wrote a long rant about an issue that was at the top of my mind. I then saved it as a draft because it was largely aimed at specific people who, at least according to the documents they signed when they put their children in school, have no internet.

The post was regarding my neighbors' yearly questioning about where my children are "going to school this year" and the apologetic looks they give when I answer. In a nut shell, it's clear that I am being judged unfairly by people who have never bothered to ask why? Why did I make this decision over the decision they made? I have cogent answers, and if anyone is squirrling a computer away in the basement and reading this, feel free to call and ask me straight out, but stop asking me stupid questions, and stop sending your kids on a mission to tout your schools!

On a similar note, I can't tell you how many people in this city have commented on my OS page about our Purim Seuda. Ha - I guess they really do all have the internet in the end!

A funny/pathetic story has been floating around the internet about a j-date nightmare. Check it out - How Not to Act on J-Date. There is even audio of the alledged phone messages.

I attempted to confirm this story through a little on-line investigating. Several media outlets have covered it, and one site posted threatening e-mails that it claims are from Darren S., the j-dater in question. They are worded similar to his alledged threats against Joanne. Also, The New York Daily News covered this, and attempted to call Mr. Sherman. He would only say that it is a "hoax." So there's a small chance that it could be an urban legend (and yes a similar story was floating around a few years ago), but it's likely true.

Have a great weekend


Tuesday, August 15, 2006


We returned last night from what will probably be our last trip of the summer. It was a quicky. We left Sunday morning, and drove to Toledo to go to the COSI museum. Then we continued on to Sandusky, OH. The hotel we stayed in was just OK, but, from the reviews I've read, it's one of the better ones in the area. We went swimming, had some ice cream at Friendly's (B's camp discovery), and cruised the local scene Sunday evening.

Yesterday we went to Cedar Point. The boys are finally at an age where they love all an amusement park has to offer, and M is much more into the kiddy rides than the boys ever were. I took Y on his first rollercoaster, The Wildcat. No upsidedown stuff, just some big hills and a couple of corkscrews. Once the ride started, Y told me, "I'm scared," a few times, and I felt so horrible for bringing him on it. But when I got off, E said that Y had a big smile on his face the whole time, and that I was the one who looked scared and was screaming. Still, Y said that he doesn't want to do it again.

It started to get cloudy and rainy in the afternoon, so we took refuge at the ice skating show. M especially enjoyed that, and was dancing along with the skaters the whole time.

We broke up the ride home with a brief stop at the outlet mall in Monroe. I was frustrated when I hit the Gap outlet and found the same uniform pants that I had recently spent more than one hour ordering for $19.50 each were only $12.50. Uggh! I bought another pair for each of the boys anyway.

Tomorrow is Y's b-bay, Thursday is my 9 year anniversary, and then summer is over really. The boys go back to school in 2 weeks and I got back in 3 weeks. It's been a fun summer. I am sorry to see it end.