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Sunday, November 05, 2006

A night out

E and I don't get out much, and when we do, it is usually to a wedding (where half the time the man and women are sitting in seperate rooms) or a charity function. Tonight we had our first date in a long time (unless you count an afternoon of test-driving cars without the kids a date).

We went to see Movin Out, and it was - uh - interesting. First of all there was no dialogue, only music and dancing. There was a plot but, even having read the synopsis in the program before the show started, I had a hard time following it. It was strange to see men in muscle shirts, blue jeans and toe shoes, dancing to rock music, and I felt that some songs were choreographed better than others. Still, I would say that I had a good time. My attention deficit disorder didn't kick in, and the play felt as long as it actually was, not longer.

The kids are off of school tomorrow and Tues., and I have a ton of school work to do - YAY!

Have a fun week everyone.


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