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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Like the OLD days

The Yom Haatzmaut party and concert was amazing last night, but now I feel REALLY old. It was like I was 15, and at an NCSY shabbaton, but yet not.

There was that large community meal, where you had to stand still for 15 minutes surveying the room to find where your friends were sitting, only to find that there wasn't a seat there, and you were going to have to sit with the strange parents. (The strange family got up as soon as we got there (they were probably saying, I don't want to sit with these strange people), then our friends came and sat next to us (yes!).)

Then there was the first rush of kids dancing around the room to the first song at the concert. Only these were B's friends, and I am too old to get up and dance with them. Even if I would have been inclined to, all of my old lady aches and pains would have stopped me.

There were a lot of the old songs (flashback city), and also all of these new songs, and probably couldn't even tell you the name of the group that sang the originals.

I spent the whole time trying to compel my boys to join the mob of rowdy dancers rushing the stage and being reprimanded by Lenny, but somehow they are just too civilized for such things (definitely a Goldman gene - right mom?). They did have a good time though and danced in their seats.

Finally, toward the end, a group of PTA moms started dancing off to the side. I tried to contain myself, and stay in my seat with the boys, but finally decided to get up and dance. The boys watched me, laughed at me, and stayed in their seats. (If there not genetically predisposed to such behavior, perhaps I can condition it.)

After two songs, having gotten that out of my system, I went back to my seat, held out my hands and the boys came to dance with me. We danced (mostly jumped up and down while spinning in a circle), just the three of us. They could have gone 10 more minutes at least. Luckily the concert was over, because I couldn't have done that any longer.

Then we partook in the Israeli flag cake, and went home to listen to our new Kosher Police CD (which I deem appropriate for sfira because it's mostly talking).

BTW - for those who picked up on it, Ezra left with M after the meal, because neither of them can sit still long enough for a concert.

All-in-all it was a good time.

Since the reality is that I am not 15 anymore, I have to go drive carpool.


Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Happy Birthday Israel!!!

I took my last final for the winter semester last night. YAY!!! The best part was that I finshed in 25 minutes, so I made it to B's performance at the Yom Hazicaron/Yom Haatzmaut event last night, proving once again that I am SUPER MOM!!!

This afternoon there is a big to-do at the kids' school, including a Shlock Rock concert, and then tomorrow I have -- Uh oh -- nothing on my schedule. Again -- YAY!!!

Chag Somayach!