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Friday, April 01, 2005

Where have I been????

Sorry that I haven't written in a while. Just been VERY busy lately! Life in the Midwest is great now that winter seems to have burried its head! What a rough one that was. The baby is getting big and the boys are becoming social butterflies.

Just a few notes today. I hope someone is still reading.

Death pools: How easy have those been the last couple of weeks, though I doubt that even Sylvia Browne saw the Johnny Cochren thing coming.

Teri Schivo left the world this week. Personally (and I thnk the Torah opion agrees), I think that once someone is being sustained artifically that's how they should stay. Who are we to judge the value of one's life?

Also this week, Frank perdue left us for poultry heaven :-( I thought he was long gone, but I was probably thinking of Colonel Sanders.

The Pope is probably a good bet to have on your death pool list for this weekend. I am going to say 6:00pm (Rome time) tomorrow.

One that note, have a good shabbos all. Please pardon any spelling errors today. I am typing with sleeping baby in hand.