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Friday, October 13, 2006

Go Tigers!!!

Who isn't excited about the post season momentum of the Detroit Tigers this year. Even some New York fans who have finished licking their wounds, have come clean that they think Detroit deserve this series. This is the baseball version of a rags to riches story, and everyone is eating it up.

Likewise, we in the G-man household are thoroughly enjoying this run of high quality, knock your socks off, amazing baseball. Even E (who had been know to call me at a Pistons game to ask what inning we are in) has been glued to the TV every night watching the games.

I believe that we will sweep Oakland. If they couldn't beat us in their own staduim for the first two games, there's not a chance they will do so in ours. Then of course there's the weather. It's Detroit weather - windy, snowy, cold - not for any warm blooded Californian.

Don't be fooled by the hype though! MLB rescheduled todays game for the afternoon saying that they were worried that the projected Detroit temps would be a hinderance. It's freezing cold now, and it will still be that way this evening. The decision to move a game back by several hours and send the 10's of thousands of ticket holders into a rescheduling frenzy, had to look nobel, but in reality in comes down to networks and ratings and the real conflict of interest (A Mets/St. Louis game at the same time). That's OK though, it just gives Detroit fans more time to party this evening!



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