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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Spring is Teasing us

Yesterday, the princess was all girled up. I dressed her in a skirt and a cute shirt. She insisted on her shiny black shoes, and her black coat (I mean literally insisted). On the way out of the car she started pointing to her black purse on the floor, saying "want that." I took her into the school, and let her walk down to the gym, where she ran around and played ball with the gym teacher, Mr. K., all the while holding her purse. Yup - that's my daughter!

The last few days have been great! (BA"H) The weather has been fantastic, The birds are getting frisky, and I even caught Vivaldi's, "Spring" on the radio this morning. Weather reports are saying that it might even get up to 60 on Shabbos. Woohooo!!! Of course I am realistic about the fact that it is a little early for spring in Michigan (even if it's been a mild winter), and this is probably just a tease from mother nature. Regardless, I'll take it!

Yesterday I had parent-teacher conferences. I love those. Really - I do! I love to hear other people talk about how great my kids are. Don't get me wrong. I know that they aren't perfect, but they are pretty darn close, and I don't get too much negative feed back about them. Yesterday, I was in prime form (maybe it was the weather or something). In one of the meetings me and the teacher were laughing so hard that we had tears coming out of our eyes. What the people waiting in the hall must have thought?!? The verdict was that one of my angels has some trouble remembering to do his homework (even though he insists that he did it when I ask him) and then tries to do it in school before the bell rings. The other angel is trying really hard, but is struggling with his shorashim in Chumash. So if anyone has some ideas that might help those sink in better, let me know. Other then that, they got glowing reports. Yay!!

That's about it right now. I am going to hit the hay early tonight. I'll try to post more before Purim if I get a free second.