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Monday, February 20, 2006

Latest read

For those who are always asking what I read last, just a brief update.

I finished The Birth Of Venus this shabbos, and it is now on my favorites list. The story takes place in Renaissance Italy, around the time of Savonarola, and is infused with references to Renaissance and pre-Renaissance art and thought. It is also a good story, so it has a little of something for everyone. The characters are so wonderfully portrayed that even when you feel you should be disgusted with them, you feel like you know them and their failings too well to hold a grudge. A warning though, some of the sex and violence is dealt with pretty graphically.

Next I was debating whether to move on to Crossing California or The Wonder Spot, but I hate to move on to unknown territory after finishing a really great book. (anyone who's read those two, let me know which I should read first). I decided to put those on hold for a couple of days and savor the story a little longer. I did revisit my all-time favorite , Heartburn, by Nora Ephron though. I know, it's like the hundredth time I've read it, but, like I said, I didn't want to move on to the unknown right away.

One thing I did note while reading this book is that it is not the first book I've read in recent years that deals with this period in history. I am curious as to why we have taken to this period specifically, but historical fiction in general recently? Of course, there is the stand by, that these are scary, tough times, and we are escaping into other periods of history by reading about them. But this period was the birth of the Dark Ages. Why are so many of us escaping there. One thought I've had is that, in the 90's Technology was advancing at the speed of light. We were making money faster than we could spend it, and up-grading something in our lives on a monthly basis. Our sworn enemies for so many decades before became our allies, and we experienced a period of unusually freedom as Americans. This is much like Italy in the 1400's. But then came 9-11 and a recession. Technology had slowed, and we are not free to go wherever we want without fear anymore. Perhaps these changes are why we relate so well to the times of Savonarola right now. Also, his tyranny was short lived in Florence, and maybe we feel that this gives us hope for the future too. Just a thought thought.