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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Do I have to stay all the way through Tav???

Today is Y's siddur party. If I recall from last year, the play is LONG!!!!! They have a song and a play for every letter of the Aleph Bet (Hebrew Alphabet). Ugggh. Y has yud, and a part in a play for some other letter.

I volunteered to help, and ended up with the job of buying, cutting and presenting all of the fruits and veggies. We are expecting 150 people, and I am hoping I bought enough (3 watermelons, 6 cantelopes, 3 honeydews, 6 lb. grapes, 10 lb. baby carrots (the kiddies like those the most!), 8 cucumbers, a lot of peppers, and a lot of celery). I have my helpers coming at 11:00 (the party starts at 1:00) so if that isn't enough, I will run out and get more.

I will try to post a pic or two later.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend.



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