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Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Lest anyone think that my inactivity here is indicative of a dull moment falling upon the house of G-man, let me assure you that simply isn't the case!

Bright and early this morning, I approached the boys' school to find a few dozen SWAT officers, wearing black masks and carrying battering rams and machine guns, raiding a house only feet away.

I pulled into the parking lot and while the boys were threatening to not go today, and called the school to find out if they knew this was going on. They didn't, but they did put the place on lockdown, so they delt with this really well. Eventually the local police called them back to tell them that they had raided a house, but that no one was in it. So it wasn't all that bad in the end, but still no mother wants to see a SWAT team across the street from their kids school first thing in the morning.



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