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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

J & Y's Adventure -- More Great Stuff

We got a great night sleep last night. The beds and linens in this place were extremely comfortable. I don't get such a great sleep at home. The continental breakfast was really good too. The waitress didn't look like someone who would know what kashrut is, but when I asked her to see the package from the bagels, she brought out the packages from various things on the buffet and started pointing out the symbols to me. How cool was that? We could eat a lot of the stuff there. It's strange that the hotel guy in Skokie, Illinois (where there are a ton of Jews) didn't know about kashrut, but the hotel lady in New Buffalo, Michigan did!

I am thinking of moving in here. There's comfy beds, cable, a large, clean bathroom, Kosher food that's served and cleaned up by someone other than me or E.... Yeah - I would get sick of it fast.

Today we are doing Western and central Michigan.

I'll post again when we get back to Detroit.



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