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Friday, July 21, 2006


I took the kiddies to the "Detroit Stands With Israel" rally the other night. Here the news focuses mainly on the Lebanese (we have a giant Lebanese community here), and it really made me feel great to see so many come out to support Israel.

As we were walking to the building a woman came up and gave me a giant hug. She said that she was a Christian and wanted to come show her support for Israel. She told me that she stands behind us, "G-d's chosen people." She then handed me a sheet that she said had scriptures from the old testament proving our right to Israel. I strongly suspect that there was more to that sheet, but I tucked it away in my stroller pocket and said "thank you," and never looked at it. Even if she was a crazy missionary or something, at least she showed up to support Israel - Right???

OK -- Maybe not, but she was really the exception. Of course there were a lot of speakers, some better than others, and a lot of blue and white in the crowd. One speaker really took me by surprise though. He was an African American reverend, and man can those guys bring a crowd to their feet. He spoke about how during the civil rights movement (which he was a part of), participants broke off into two groups. In one group were the followers of MLK Jr., and in the other group the followers of Malcom X and the nation of Islam. He basically said that the MLK group was the peaceful one and the ones who professed to follow Islam tried to use violence to accomplish their goals. He read some passage from MLK which praises Israel, then talked about how in the ME, Hamas, Hezbollah, and Iran are violent reactors, and Israel is truly seeking peace. WOW! This guy got up in front of an audience in Detroit and essentially equated the word Islam with violence. Yikes! He said lots of other great things and the crowd was cheering him like crazy. Then he told us that he is going next Monday to Israel to show his support. Then the crowd roared!

I left after his speech, because that was all my kids could handle, but I have been told that the state Attorney General gave another rousing speech later on.

While we were leaving the parking lot, there was a small protest group across the street holding signs of injured people in Lebanon, that read things like "who are the terrorists now?" This led me to a lot of contemplation and deep thought about the nature of terrorism v. the nature of war, word roots and etymologies, etc.... Essentially I settled on a profound and very complicated thesis about power and lack of appropriate definitions for various states, and stuff like that. I'll spare you the boring details -- for now.

As an English professor once told me, I have closingitis. So I will just say have a good shabbos or a happy weekend or what every ending you prefer.



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