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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Family Vacation (AKA When Tractor Trailers Collide, AKA Cleveland Does Not Rock!)

Well we are home from our trip to Baltimore.

First, I would like to thank the weather for cooperating so nicely the last several days. Unlike our previous road trips east, we encoutered no severe thunderstorms, tornadoes, snow squalls, or 100 degree weather. It was apparent from the water on the ground that we just missed at least 2 rain storms, but in the end all we encountered on the road was a brief drizzle. The weather in Baltimore was also quite nice for this time of the year while we were there.

We had a great time, went to a fantastic wedding, saw some sights, did some shopping, and caught up with a few friends. Unfortunately we did not get to see everyone we intended to see - sorry. There's always next trip - right?

Yesterday we went to Hershey Park. E hemmed and hawed the whole way there, saying that it's out of the way and the kiddies won't appreciate it, etc... I am happy to report that that was not the case. Not only did he kids love it, we adults also had a blast! I really felt like a youngster again. I took the kids on some of my old favorite rides and (of course) everyone enjoyed the factory tour. I even took Y on the ski lift-like sky ride, and taught him that you have to call down every generic American names to see who looks up (ex - Bob, Mike, Dan, Stacy...) We found a Dan and Jeff. We ate dinner at the kosher stand on our way out, and E bumped into an old Yeshiva friend there. It was a really fun day.

Last night I drove the Pennsylvania Turnpike from Harrisburg to the Ohio line. I am always amazed at how those trucks handle the downhill, high speed, narrow, turns in the mountains. They come so close to each other, yet rarely collide. The whole night I was watchng them, saying, "These two are going to smash right into each other," yet it never happened. The only accident we saw he whole trip (Thank g-d) was in the opposite direction while we were on our way there. I do believe that was a truck collision, so I guess they do hit eachother sometimes.

We were originally going to spend the night in Pittsburgh and do something there today, but the All Star game ruined those plans (no local hotel rooms) Instead, we spent the night last night at the Country Inn in Youngstown, Ohio. Definitely a place to keep in mind for future trips. The rooms are suites, and are were more than ample. The room cost roughly $100, and there were 2 double beds in one room and a sofa bed in the other. Each room had a TV (so we could watch what we wanted and the kids could watch cartoons), it was clean, and there was a ton of closet space. The staff was really nice, and we were able to scrounge up enough kosher food at the free breakfast. I would highly recommend this place to anyone looking for a shluff off of the Turnpike.

Today we drove the rest of Ohio, and after spending at least 1-1/2 hours listening to Cleveland radio stations, all I can say is "Cleveland does not rock!"

Now I am back home, in Chelm, probably should be getting back to my laundry and unpacking. It can't always be vacation right?



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