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Thursday, July 27, 2006

The Adventure Ends

We are home safely after visiting western Michigan and Battle Creek yesterday. After checking out of the hotel yesterday, we visited downtown New Buffalo, and Y and I fell in love. We immediately called E and told him that we would like a house on the beach here one day. I know - keep dreaming. It was really beautiful and peaceful.

Next we headed to St. Joseph. I had heard that there was good shopping there, and I thought we might find a good beach to walk along. There was a stunning view of lake Michigan from a deck at the entrance of the city. Down below was a rocky cliff. From what we could tell driving around, that's the extent of lake Michigan in St. Joseph - nice views from rocky cliffs. We went into town and found a post office from which to mail the new "Judy Moody" book that we found for B in Chicago, and the lady in the gas station gave us really bad directions back to the highway, so we ended up going 1/2 hour out of our way along the lake. At least it was beautiful.

During this detour it started pouring rain, and that became the norm for the rest of our trip home.

We finally did find our way back on to the highway, and headed to Battle Creek. Y loved Cereal City. I was not as impressed, but the point was for him to have a good time, so it was worth it. I felt that the whole place was built as an attempt to prostylize the SDA faith and discredit the legitimacy of the original post legacy, but a kid doesn't get that out of it. They just see free cereal, Fruit Loop necklaces and Lego figures of Tony the Tiger and Snap, Crackle and Pop.

The rest of our trip was spent making our way back to Detroit, in the rain and rush hour (yuck!)

When we finally got home, we were greeted by M, who was jumping up and down and Squealing "mommy!" I guess she missed me. That's a great feeling.

Today we are relaxing and unpacking and otherwise readjusting.



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