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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Trouble with the law

This afternoon I was on my way to my volunteer job at the hospital. I was sitting in the left turn lane and, just before my light turned green, an ambulance came through. The light turned green and I inched into the intersection. Just then, I heard another siren. The people coming toward me also heard the siren because they stopped momentarily. I started to proceed through the intersection, but the traffic started moving again, so I corrected myself as best I could and waited for the oncoming traffic to proceed before making my turn. Everyone was able to get past me, so I wasn't really blocking traffic.

Well lucky me. Just to the left of me sat a cop car. My awkward position in the intersection made him suspicious, so he did a turn around and followed me a half a block. Of course I saw him and was watching my speed. He pulls me over anyway.

He says, "Do you know why I pulled you over?"

Of course I answer, "no," eventhough I had a feeling it had something to do with my behavior at the intersection.

He asks me why I was in the intersection that way and I told him, and he bought it. He then tells me that I was also speeding. He clocked me at 5 MPH over the speed limit. Uggggh! I saw him and was watching my speed! So I apologize.

He then proceeds to tell me that the real reason he decided to pull me over is that my registration is expired by almost a year.

I tell him, "If I was driving my car, I would believe you, but this is my husband's car, and he is the most responsible (translated anal) person about getting bill's paid on time." There was no way that E would have forgotten to renew his registration (especially by a whole year).

So he asks to see my license, registration, and insurance card. I dig into E's glove compartment, and produce a registration (sure enough it expired 3-30-05), and an insurance card (which expired 1-11-06). Now I am in deep you know what - thank you E!

There were actually 3 insurance cards in the car. One expired last year and one 1-11-06 and a recent one that said in bold letters across the top Home Owners Insurance.

He wouldn't take the home owner's one from me, and it turns out that was actually the right one (in E's defense).

The cop goes to write me a ticket (or five), and I call E to ask if there is any other place in his car that I might find the missing information. He also doesn't believe that he would have forgotten such things, and, since he was in the neighborhood and in the car, he's going to come help me.

Silly me - I though he meant that he was going to come find the missing information in his car for me.

The cop comes back and tells me that since I have a spotless record, he is going to let me off on the obstructing traffic and speeding tickets, but that he is going to write me up for the other two violations. He was being really nice about everything and explaining how to take care of all of it to me, when E pulls up.

He parks right BEHIND the cop car (now no one can see the cops lights), leaves the kids in the car, and comes to read the sticker on the license plate while the cop is talking to me. The cop was probably about to draw his gun, but he thought to ask me "is this your husband?"

He tells E that he has to go back to the car because it is dangerous and E starts arguing with him about whether or not his registration is expired. Again - thank you E!

Then the cop comes back agitated. So more apologies pour out of my mouth. He let me off with just the two no point items, but that was close.

I pull away, and my cell phone starts ringing. It was E. I didn't answer because the cop was following me, and I didn't need him to see me on the phone.

So that was my exciting event for the day. See - being a housewife in Detroit isn't so boring after all.

My hospital visits went great tonight. They gave me 10 patients, so it took me a couple of hours. I saw my first set of triplets, all healthy and in the mom's room. All around 5 pounds. That's 15 pounds of babies. Poor woman. I also saw my first - uh - non traditional family (ie two mommies.)

We decided to go to Niagara falls for Pesach. Were are still deciding whether or not the will include the first days and most of chol Hamoed, or the entire week. I have to figure out if it is feasible for me to come back for the morning on Tuesday to do my lab and go to my class, then return in time for the second days. So for now - it looks like I still have a ton of pesach cleaning ahead.



  • At 3:34 PM, Blogger Faye Berman said…

    wow, it sounds like you had my kind of luck! Sorry about that!


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