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Sunday, February 12, 2006

We have a code red in Target!!!!

This Friday me and the princess were shopping at Target (shopping is one of her favorite things!), when we heard a panicked voice come over the loud speaker. It said "Code Red! We have a cod red in food. (and then more panicked) CODE RED!" All sorts of possibilities went through my mind. Like perhaps someone was hurt or stealing, maybe there was a chemical spill, or even a high terrorist alert (because that's what a code red would mean outside of Targetland).

A few minutes later the smell of smoke gave it away. Code red at Target means fire. They didn't evacuate the store, but the firemen came and after a few minutes, the smell was too much for me, so I purchased what was in my cart and left.

Out of curiosity I googled "Code red and Target," and I came across a site that would have excited me to no end back in the day. Here they tell you how to reek havoc on Target using their customer service phones. Apparently all one needs to do to use the intercom throughout the whole store is dial 41 on any phone. Then, they suggest (of course I would never suggest such things), you can announce a blue light special, or use their list of department codes to send employees running around the store.

One particularly interesting fact I learned pertains to their black phones. If pick up one of those, and dial 9 you can get an outside line. That would come in handy for exceptionally cheap people who don't want to use their cell minutes, but have an important business call to make. I guess it would also be useful if you were trapped in the store due to a code red.

Just imagine what fun I could have had with this in the past. But, alas, I am a mommy now and I have to set a good example. Speaking of which I better go find another way to blow off my homework now.



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