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Friday, March 03, 2006

What a day!

I don't mean to gripe (yes I do), but this was the LONGEST day!!! It went something like this...

7:00 am - the phone rings. It is E telling me that he slipped on the sheet of ice outside this morning, and that me and the kids should be careful when we go out. He assures me that the roads were pretty good though.

7:45am - I step out the door to warm up my car, I get two steps away from my porch when it starts sleeting like crazy. Sleet storms don't usually last very long, so I go back in to wait it out.

8:15am - Still sleeting, and the roads and sidewalks are covered in at least a 1/4 inch of ice balls (that's on top of the sheet of freezing rain that fell in the night.) I hear several rumbles of thunder. I tell the kids that they can play Game Cube and we will go to school late. WHY DON'T THEY EVER CLOSE SCHOOLS HERE?????

8:25am - The sleet has stopped. I finally go out to salt the walkways and warm up the car.

8:45am - I round up the kids again, and get everyone out the door. We almost make it to the car when it starts sleeting and freezing-raining again. I contemplate letting them stay home, but I have a test at 11:45am this morning, and my school also never closes, so I drive them (very slowly) to school.

9:15am - We arrive at school about 45 minutes late. Apparently we weren't the only ones. There are several cars parked in the fire lane, so I just park in the middle of the parking lot, and run to sign B&Y in. (well actually running in wasn't really an option on all of that ice). While in the building, I discover that it is picture day. Apparently the school sent home some sort of slip this week telling me, but I didn't get it. B hasn't had a hair cut in a LONG time, and he was wearing his uniform, so he will look interesting in these pictures.

9:45 - I arrive back home. I have just enough time to do some last minute studying and eat some lunch before leaving for M's babysitter and school. I am possessed by my computer and log on to check e-mail and IM with a friend in Israel.

10:45 - OOPS. I spent too much time on the computer. Now it is time to leave. (Can you tell I have ADD?)

11:45 - Sitting in class taking the sadistic statistics test.

12:12 - I am stuck on a couple of problems, and think to myself, "I would know this if I would have studied more instead of checking my e-mail" (of course I know that's probably not true.

12:40 - I finish my test, hand it in, and grab my backpack. I have another test this evening, so I am in a hurry to get back home and study while M is still at the babysitter.

1:00 - 2:45pm - I actually study. I get ready to go get M. WHERE IS MY PURSE????? Ugggh - I left it downtown!!!!!

3:00 - I am frantically calling the lost and found at school. They don't have it. I arrange for E to pick up the boys and decide to run downtown and look for my purse with the baby. I leave a message on professor Crazy Genius' voice mail, asking if anyone found a purse after class.

3:05pm - Professor Crazy Genius calls back. Yes - he found it, and handed it in to campus police.

3:10om - I head downtown with 12 DTE's on my car's display, and no money to buy gas.

4:00pm - I arrive downtown and park illegally in front the the campus police station. (Probably not the smartest thing I've done all day, but not the dumbest either. Besides, when I called they told me to park there, and it was snowing and sleeting again.) I get my purse (Phew!), and everything seems to be there.

4:10pm - I get gas at a station in a REALLY scary neighborhood. I only pump 3.5 gallons, because I see a crack addict crossing the street and coming toward me. Besides that's all I needed for the rest of the day.

4:45pm - I get home say Hi to the boys, grab my books and leave for my next test.

6:00pm - I find out that the teacher has decided to postpone the in class essay test until next week. Phew again. Instead I am made to watch 3 hours of "long Day's Journey Into Night." YAWN! I am too tired for this.

9:00 - I get out of class and rush to the grocery store to shop for shabbos.

9:30pm - I get home and start cooking for shabbos. Then I go online to do some PTA work that I have been putting off all week.

It is now 1:00am, and I am running on fumes. So I will put the cooled Shabbos food in the fridge, bid you good night, and be thankful that this day is over!



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