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Friday, February 17, 2006

And how are we today?

Ok - I know I post a lot of my ramblings and miscellaneous thoughts here. Which has probably led some of you to realize just what a true nut I really am. I should also keep you posted on the family too.

We are all (thank G-d) doing great!

The princess is already becoming a terrible two, and I am certain that she is the most difficult of all of my children! Her latest tricks include stealthily climbing the stairs at the speed of light whenever there is a breech in the gate system, coloring all over with my lipstick, and screaming "NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!" at the top of her lungs whenever someone does something she doesn't like.

B has finally discovered the joy of reading. Up until now he was so resistant to the whole reading for fun thing, but this week he bought the book Stink, and read the entire book in one evening. It was 122 pages, and he hasn't stopped bragging about it since. I think we are beyond the whole "I hate reading" thing now.

Y is a joiner, so I keep busy shuttling him around. He has after school learning, Boy Scouts, and for a while he was into the school chess club (although he has since dropped out of that.)

I am busy with school of course, plus the PTA purim fundraiser. As if that weren't enough, I have decided to host the Purim seuda at my house this year. We are up to 10 adults and several children on the guest list. It should be a lot of fun, so if you are in Detroit for Purim and need a seuda, come join us here!

I have to make Mishloach Manot for all of the teachers and faculty at the school (if anyone has any ideas, let me know)for the PTA thing, plus my own (I will probably do the usual bottle of wine and the Jenn Hamantashen filled with candy bars, see recipe in next post.) Although this year I will have to exclude the two best flavors (peanut butter cup and snickers) from my repertoire due to M's peanut allergy. Since all of the candy bar manufacturers have peanuts in the factories, I will have to even make some non candy bar hamatashen for her. I also told the boys that they have to make Mishloach Manot for all of their classmates, since they have school for a couple of hours on Purim morning (they hear megillah reading and have a party with their teachers). We all know that translates into 28 more Mishloach manot for me to make!

Detroit has turned cold again (big surprise), so it will be another weekend of hibernation.

That's our life in a nutshell (not peanuts of course).



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