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Sunday, March 06, 2005

Bomb the heck out of Syria

There have been (rather loud) whispers over the last few years that perhaps Syria is next on the list of countries to attack. Syria's actions over the last several days show that maybe they are taking all of the rumors seriously.

After reading this article in the Daily Telegraph, I say, bomb the heck out of them.

What is Syria saying? "We know the terrorists, we talk to the terrorists, and we basically control them. We've told them it's time to get out of Lebanon."

This is made worse by the fact that they can verify the whereabouts of the mastermind of the most recent mass suicide bombing in Israel.

Of course, I fully suspect that the world community will do no more than pat them on the back for taking care of things in Lebanon. I just hope that when (or if) we do get around to cleaning up things in Syria, we used some of our bigger and more powerful bombs!



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