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Sunday, February 06, 2005


Some Jews just make us say OY!

For instance publicist Lizzie Grubman who, in 2001, backed a Mercedes SUV into a crowd of people waiting to get into a Hamptons night club because she was angry at the bouncer for telling her that she couldn't park in the fire lane. After injuring 16 people, she was said to have sopken some choice words before fleeing the scene. She later turned herself in and served part of a 60 day sentence (getting out early for good behavior). Well, now that "justice" has been served, her PR firm is still thriving, and, strting in March, she will appear on her own reality show on MTV. Who says there is no such thing as celebrity justice?

While most of you will be getting ready for Supper Bowl festivities, I will be spending the day getting ready for the First Grade Siddur party (don't all be jealous at once). So have a great day all.



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